Lefein - 30 day temp ban


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Aug 12, 2009

Your recent behavior has been problematic. PSU isn't an anti-Xbox site and forum, it's a dedicated PlayStation website and forum that accommodates other consoles and you aren't just posting news, you are on some "special" crusade in your mind to save the world from the inadequacies of the Xbox console. It seems like a section ban did nothing to help you adjust your behavior as you took to the Vs section and even spamming in shoutbox with your usual anti-MS/anti-Xbox articles.

You're being banned because both your attitude and your posting behavior are terrible and the intention behind your contributions is unhealthy. I'm a HUGE PlayStation fan but I don't feel the need to carry on like you are. So, to give you time to readjust you attitude you're taking a month long break from the forums. If you come back and nothing has changed, your next step will be perma. Your account will be perma banned no question asked if we find any dupe accounts as well, so don't even try it.

To reiterate, this isn't because you are posting negative news, PSU doesn't take disciplinary action as a means of censorship. It's the intention behind your actions that is the problem.
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