Lefein: Stage 2 (3 Day Temp Ban)

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Oct 8, 2007
This is a formal notice representing the temporary banning of Lefein.

It was uncovered that the user had attempted to bypass PSU's Rules and Regulations by creating a duplicate account.
This breaches Forum rule 2.2
2.2 If disciplinary action is decided, do not contest it or work around it.
:: Please respect PSU’s communicative approach by not openly contesting reactive measures taken by the team if their diplomacy is exhausted. Please refrain from creating duplicate accounts to try and argue your case. Simply wait out the duration of your ban and come back with a fresh perspective on how you can help maintain a healthier atmosphere on the site.
A probationary period had already been established. This breach results in the user being moved to Stage 2:
Stage 2:3-7 day ban, depending on moderator(s) judgement + 30 day probation
* Section bans may apply instead if it's isolated section behavior, ranging from 4-14 day ban to a section(s).
Additional Notes:
The duplicate account has been suspended permanently.
Not open for further replies.