Let’s Get These Forums Started (Again)


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Mar 7, 2018

I’m Laddie and I’m an Associate Editor at Playstation Universe. I’m a big fan of forums, and have many years of experience moderating them, including the official Respawn Entertainment forums. Unfortunately, forums are kind of a dying breed, this one included, but I’m here to attempt to bring some life back to the PSU forums.

I know some of you have been here for a long time, and while I don’t expect these forums will ever be as populated as they once were, I’d like to see this community once again become a cool place to hang out and discuss gamer stuff for veterans and new users alike. Eventually I would like to start a PSU game night, where our readers and the fine people here get together for some casual online fun. I’ll be posting links to our biggest and most newsworthy stories in hopes of generating conversations, and perhaps we can even do a few giveaways.

I’m a relatively new staff member at PSU (since March of 2018), but I truly believe we are the best Playstation site there is. I’ve been gaming almost all of my life, I really don’t recall a time before I called myself a gamer, I always say, I was born with a controller in my hands. Growing up I didn’t have many friends that shared my gaming passion, so online forums became a great place to meet like minded people, so this project of trying to get the PSU forums going again, is truly a labor of love.

If you have any suggestions, ideas, or anything else that you would lie to see here, please comment below.


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Dec 21, 2011
Good luck with that sir, I started weekly uncharted 4 MP events for 4 weeks same 4 people only join. It was half dead back then.


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Mar 27, 2006
The only way I see PSU being active again is for people to aggressively share the news posted on social media but to also give people a reason to comment. In other words, you can get lots of people to view PSU articles, but whether they stick around to comment is a different story; if they don't see community members posting, they might think no one will be around to read and respond to them.

As for the forums, who really knows? I think it needs a hook, like what NeoGAF/ResetEra has with industry insiders. Maybe since the site calls itself PlayStation Universe, we should have more PlayStation-centric news and opinions, retrospectives and rumors, and not so much what Xbox did right or wrong this week.

Or we can just operate like we usually do and hope next year's E3 will be the turning point for PSU.


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Mar 7, 2018
PSU itself is doing quite well, we’re reaching more readers than ever, it’s the just the forums that need help. Reddit, Discord, and other social media have really killed forums like these ones.
Sep 17, 2005
Would love to see the PSU forums revived. I think the website's SEO has a huge problem and possibly why web traffic has fallen so low. Also, the rise of social networks has killed much of the forum activity. Even Neogaf doesn't have the same numbers it used to.