Let's talk about Dungeon Seige III

Feb 1, 2011
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There isn't much conversation going on about this game anywhere, and I'm looking to see what people think about what they've seen so far.

I'm desperate for some RPG action. I hastily purchased Two Worlds II (TW2) in the hopes that I'd get my fix, but that was a big let-down. I had lowered my standards as far down as they could go for TW2, and I still can't play it. But that's OT, I'll move on.

Dungeon Seige III (DS3) looks like an old-school Gauntlet-type of game.
Or perhaps, something like Champions of Norrath on the PS2. I'm ok with that.

Obsidian is the developer. Not sure if that's going to be good or bad. They made my favorite game of this gen (Fallout NV), but they also made my most hated game this gen (Fallout NV).
They have amazing creativity and vision, but they seem to lack the technical know-how to pull of a truely well-rounded game.
Fallout NV is a truely amazing concept torn apart by countless bugs and glitches. And that is the only Obsidian game I've ever played...so not sure if to trust this game.

I noticed Square-Enix is the publisher. I hope they know what they're doing here, I don't think they's sign-on for something that's terrible.

So what do you guys think? Is DS3 on your radar?
I want to pre-order, but my gut tells me to wait for the reviews.
Got any hype-inducing comments or links?
Thanks. ;)


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May 10, 2007
I am hyped for this game too. I like obsidian as a developer their games are a little buggy. But some of the ideas that they have done are pretty cool. Alpha Protocol wasn't a great game but I thought did a decent job at making a hybrid of sneaking, third person shooting, and rpg elements. This looks like it will be a good hack n slash game. As long as there is decent combat & lots of loot and lots of dungeons then I should be a happy camper. Here is a link that I got from www.RPGwatch.com (they are a great source for new RPG news)



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Sep 2, 2008
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It will turn out fine. Obsidian has proved many times they have amazing writing, games where choice matter (no yes yes choice ala Bioware or just plain stupid rule of cool choices ala Bethsoft), and can craft an interesting story. Obsidian's games have been rushed out for every studio they have worked for. SEGA, Lucas Arts, and Bethsoft.

As far as New Vegas goes. It turned out great because they of Obsidian's writing and story talents. It turned out buggy because they where using Bethsoft horrid version of Gamebryo. Any studio that doesn't have Todd "The Toddler" Howard on staff is fine in my book and the guys at Obsidian don't talk smack about JRPG's. In fact, Fergus's fave. game of all time is Chrono Trigger.


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Sep 25, 2009
I am actually very interested in it. I have never played one of the Dungeon Seige games before, what is the combat like? I watched the G4 video that Gumionday posted and it looks very good. I assume it's an action RPG, so is it kind of similar to Dragon age 2? I would definitely like that since I love DA2 a ton.

I bought Two worlds 2 as well and there were things I liked about it, but it had so many problems and bugs, it just got very frustrating to play. I ended up trading it in at gamestop.
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Mar 7, 2008
I was keeping an eye on this one, but once I saw that during online co-op play on the hosting character would advance my hopes were dashed. When is somebody gonna make a online co-op RPG game!?