Lost saved game data, how to get it back?


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Nov 15, 2006
So I was playing Ghosts last night and after every match it came up warning me that my saved data operation failed and would ask me if I wanted to retry. It still let me play so what ever. Well this morning it says "save data corrupt" Unable to load save data because it is corrupt. It must be deleted to continue. Hit ok (only option) and next thing I know I'm back at the screen and having to adjust my brightness settings and screen size. Well I also lost all of my SIngle player saved progress.

On the PS3 I could just go to game data, find my data from the last time it sync'd with the servers and redownload it. How the heck do I do that with the PS4??

I'm playing the game back through just for trophies, but i was about 50% done and don't really feel like starting over again.
Feb 11, 2008
South Carolina
I went there, and tried to register (helps save my F34R :snicker). It said there is already someone there by that name. :( I hit the forgot password links and used all my known email addresses lol. I registered there in 2009!! lol

Nice little write up on the issue you had P51. Obviously, it only works if you have your saved data uploaded.