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Apr 1, 2006
So I just traded my 360 in for a PS3 and one of the game series I was most looking forward to playing was Killzone because it was my absolute most hyped and loved game of the PS2 days

Im about an hour or so till the end and so far the overall experience has been a big let down for me
First thing that really stood out was how well the game looked, very cinematic, love the art style from the iconic helghast to the run down slums. The world Guerrilla Games crafted was really well presented. Just absolute gorgeous lighting effects, pretty fluid enemy death animations, all the weapons sounded perfect and punchy without being overly processed like Halo 4.

The only two things that really made this game feel like a flop was the writing and the voice acting. None of those aspects felt polished. I started just rolling my eyes at how many times characters cussed at something...almost every other word. Just way to immature for itself. On top of that the voice acting in general just felt like people off the street reading lines off a sheet of paper, forced emotion, flat execution, just plain bad.
While the story was an expected generic shooter plot it really came up short compared to other generic shooters. Even if I take it on its own there was no real character building or sense of comradery built up within the squad, no characters the game made me care about. The story also hurt the overall gameplay only lending itself to go here and fight these group of helghast only to direct you to the next big group of helghast. Very little was done to let you explore this world they built and the pace of the game just became a constant barrage of enemy encounters.

With all that said i still look forward to playing through Killzone 3 just for the technical showcase of it all.
Hopefully Guerrilla grew as developers this gen and Killzone 3 will fix some of the mistakes of 2.

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I loved the dark gritty graphics of K2, Stunning looking game at the time. As for 3 the controls were far improved but cant remember much about the voice acting or story. Personally i think if K2 had K3 controls 2 would be the better game.


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Jan 30, 2012
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I just hated the controls in 2 it was helluva lot better in kz3 but kz2 blows kz3 in a long shot imo.

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Apr 1, 2006
played through killzone 3, yes it was better in almost every way.
way better pacing with varied battles from gunning to stealth not just wave after wave like KZ2
much better voice acting, more of a cast and character building
better story and better told story
that energy gun was pretty awesome too.