Luna Abyss - "Incarcerate" Gamescom Trailer


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Sep 17, 2005
Luna Abyss - "Incarcerate" Gamescom Trailer

Remote game development studio Bonsai Collective debuts a brand new trailer for Luna Abyss, showcasing two key characters - ‘Aylin’ and ‘Fawkes’. The clip casts light on both characters’ role within the game’s lore, with Aylin serving as the player’s guide as they traverse the diverse environments at the heart of Luna Abyss. As players will discover, those who step out into Luna Abyss will be tasked with uncovering the mysteries of the mimic moon turned prison planet, as well as the chasm within its depths. Aylin is your primary guide as you step outside your cell, serving as the governor of the Blood Moon Penal Colony. Taking direction from the mysterious All-Father, her primary imperative is to be helpful and supportive of the Scouts under her care, though her somewhat patchy understanding of humans occasionally leads her to make questionable decisions. The trailer also details the game’s lead, prisoner Fawkes, incarcerated on the Blood Moon for embodying the characteristic red eyes of the Marked Ones. Alone, afraid, and thousands of miles from home, Fawkes wants only to survive their sentence, but the Abyss holds many secrets, and unwary Scouts are liable to discover things best left well alone.