Madden 2009: Player Progression


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Oct 19, 2006
Is it me, or does the player progression doesn't seem like it balance right.

I have Brady Quinn it at QB it is only his third year and he didn't progress at all even though he had pretty good season.

My starting Demetrius Williams (age 27)receiver lead the team in receptions, receiving yards and touchdowns, but there was no progression at all, but my second and third best performing receivers Devin Hester(age 27) and Earl Bennet (age 24) both improved their ratings and even surpassed the number 1 receiver.

I know age plays a factor in player progression but some of the younger players on the team that put up good numbers, never progress.

The offensive line never progresses..... ever.

Does anyone else think the progression system still needs some tuning?

And on a side note the CPU still does that ultra quick field goal after you call a time out, so they didn't really fix that either.
Aug 25, 2008
Yea, it was real hard for me to get into this one because there seems to be too many things like this for me. I think I'm going to throw it on craigslost and try to recoup my losses.