Maybe a little help?


Jan 11, 2007
I've been flirting with playing this game, on and off for the last couple months, theres just so much stuff that i cant get into it like i want to...was just wondering how often do you guys play or are there like any guides out there to help get used to the game? i wanna get into it but its so much stuff.


Staff member
Aug 12, 2009
DUST 514 can be very intimidating. There is a lot to take in when you first start but at the very foundation there are only a few things you needto know:

Soldier development: You fight in battles and earn skill points and ISK (DUST currency). The SP you use to develop your soldier according to the way you like to play. You need to train things if you want to use them. If you want to drive tanks...get the skills, want to use a certain armor, get the skills...want to use a new weapon..etc etc.

Market place: You need to buy all the equipment you want to take into battle. This is done at the market place. There is a tier of gear called "militia", this stuff is unlimited and you don't lose anything when you die...HOWEVER, it's the weakest of the weak and people who spend money on gear for fights have a distinct advantage.

So you fight battles...get SP and ISK...better your soldier with the SP, but better equipment with ISK...rince and repeat. This is all you really need to be worried about right now in the beta stage of things. As Mr Fijian said, there is more info in the linked official thread. If you have any further questions, ask me here.Don't be too intimidated by everything. All you really need to do is find out how you want to play, and then use your ISK and SP to make yourself better at doing that role.