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Apr 10, 2014
I bought Metro:2033 Remastered recently, completed 1 playthrough and will go back for more soon. Can't comment on Metro: Last Light.

[email protected] was originally released a few years back (NOT Remastered) on PC and Xbox360 followed up by sequel Last Light. These have both been remastered (more so 2033 from my understanding) and released on this new generation of consoles. The major remastering was done on 2033 since the Last Light game engine was quite a bit more advanced i understand; they took the Last Light engine and re-worked it into 2033 or something like that, made it a lot more quality experience with a lot less scene-cutting and UI up-rating.

2033 is a fairly straight-forward FPS game, very linear tbh. You can tell it's design is a few years old, just doesn't play like a 'next-gen' shooter but it's a solid game nonetheless. Taking place in a post-apocalyptic Russia the atmosphere is well developed and quite engrossing. This is made more so by the fact you have to wear a gas mask when outdoors. This mask does fog up and break too if you get beaten up-close, nice touch.

Good atmosphere and reasonable story, fun to play. I played on Spartan and have yet to try the Survival mode which should be quite different.

For the price it's quite a bargain. Try 2033, if you like FPS you should enjoy this.

Oh and watch out for those Librarians. You need some juice to tackle those ;)

edit: I should add it is 1080p and 60fps too. Slick!
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