mistercrow ~ Stage 3 // 2 Wk Ban [Ends Nov 23rd]

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Nov 8, 2004
This is a formal notice representing the temporary banning of mistercrow.

This member was given a courtesy warning via PM. The member replied stating he would comply and change his behavior and was thankful for the courtesy warning. Within a few days, the member began down the same path of baiting and trolling.

mistercrow has been set to Stage 3 and will return to this site in two weeks, which is November 23rd. When he returns, he will begin his 30 day probation.

Citations and Evidence:
This is one example that led to Stage 3 and is clearly NOT a showcase of changing one's behavior.

Message to User:
I gave you a chance... and you've abused my leniency. Enough is enough.

[QUOTE="mistercrow, post: 6238806]But...but...those are devkits. Retail units dont exist which has me concerned so close to launch. Lmao.
Rule Broken:

1.2 Do not incite or work to cause disruption and drama. (No trolling)
:: For the sake of mature discussions, do not post controversial statements or opinions with the intent to upset or rile up other members.Be mindful and considerate and don't instigate arguments.[/quote]

Additional Note:
When a staff member is nice enough to PM you a warning... despite your previous behavior... and giving you a chance to shape up... it would be in your best interest to do so. This member has been given many chances, but this type of nonsense just needs to stop. We can all have debates and arguments without trying to intentionally upset others.​
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