Most addictive thing?


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Aug 12, 2009
Expanding my PS3 library. I recently tracked down and bought the original Uncharted, Prototype, Resistance FoM and Assassins Creed. I also found a cheap nice quality Warhawk, and LBP2 is also on the way. I have a list on my desktop of 20 titles I want to buy (2011 and 2012 titles), to add to my current collection of 48 (when all the above mentioned games come in the post, at 44 at time of posting). I cant help it. If I know I am getting a sequel of a game, I have to make sure I have the original title. I LOVE seeing series all in a row, and this year I can't wait to see Uncharted 1,2,3 all together, as well as Resistance 1,2 and 3, and inFamous 1 and 2. My collection really feels like a work of art, a painting, and I am the tormented artist who can never leave it alone. I walk past and look at it, and I think, hmmmm, it needs this title, or that title. SMH haha.