Most anticipated / least anticipated VR games:

Feb 16, 2007
So, after E3 2016, I saw a lot more of the PSVR offerings and I thought I'd give my most and least anticipated games.

Robinson. Because dinosaurs
Arkham VR. It's not exactly a mainstream Arkham game, but it doesn't need to be. It lets you be Batman.
X-Wing. Do I need to explain this?
Star Trek: Bridge Command (or whatever it was called). I have wanted something like this for over 20 years.
Dreams. It's more than just a game. It's a chance to explore potentially millions of cu

My least anticipated (AKA they look lame, or they are currently too problematic to look forward to):

Final Fantasy XV (just VR mode. Am actually looking forward to the actual game)
Resident Evil VII (The one game that gets nearly everyone sick... I want to be preaching the virtues of VR, and if this game makes everyone sick, it'll have to be one to avoid... AT LEAST until I'm comfortable buying VR experiences JUST FOR ME since I do not get motion sickness AT ALL for anything.)

Those are the only 2 I can think of, and RE7 is just because I plan to share every VR game I get with other people. I know there will be duds (maybe even among my most wanted games) but I'm looking forward to a LOT. I do hope that the eventual release of Ark: Survival Evolved in December / whenever it gets delayed to next will have VR, then that MAY beat Robinson, since Ark is more involved. It's a proper game, but we don't yet know whether Robinson is. So if Ark is on PSVR, It will likely replace Robinson as my Jurassic Park fantasy game.


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Apr 27, 2007
Definitely Star Trek Bridge Commander.Happy that we are able to see the technology to finally allow it. For me this is a day 1 buy if I can get the PSVR upon release. Also, Robinson doesn't come out until Dec of 2017.
Feb 16, 2007
[QUOTE="TOM2x, post: 6515762] Also, Robinson doesn't come out until Dec of 2017.[/QUOTE]

Oh... I missed that. Hopefully that means it's more than a Look and Click game, then, since we don't know much about its gameplay. Still gotta hold out hope that Ark is gonna be on PSVR. I want my VR Dinosaur game, darn it!


SO, yeah, not sure where you got your Dec 2017 thing. They said they're aiming for launch.
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May 1, 2006
Im anticipating Socom2 remake in 1st person, with the free-action lean/peak and inclusion of ADS and VR. That would be my most epic game ever.
I would love to see The Last Guardian with VR..................

But for those mentioned officially, Star Trek has to be the most niche and un-interesting looking. If it incorporated choices = consequences etc then it might turn out to be a great idea. But the VR just doesn't get any limelight here and doesn't seem to add anything to the concept.

Resi Evil if done like the old survival horror (not the new action survival crap) with VR would be mind blowing.


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Oct 19, 2006
Don't have a least anticipated - why would I?

There'll be a lot of shovelware, and then there'll be the creme of the crop. Everything else will fly under my radar.

Most Anticipated - Arkham VR. You ARE batman in Wayne Manor/ the batcave and you get to play around with bat-tools. What more could you want? 2 hours of gameplay and a lot of replayability, hopefully :)


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