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Jan 12, 2014

Neil (writer @ PSU) and I have started talking about making a new podcast where we discuss movies and series to a certain point.
I was wondering;

I'm not asking you to listen to it if we finish it, but I do want to ask; IF you were to listen to one, what would you like to hear? What not? (Not aiming at which movies you want to be discussed but more as in would you like actual discussion or more info about the movie as in fun facts and such... Give us your best shot!)

It's just an idea we have so far, we will test record something soon and see how that works out and might throw it out there into the interwebs if we're satisfied with it! ;)


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Nov 29, 2007
Reviews for sure. On movies that have come out recently and older movies and cult classics.

Speculation talk. These will undoubtedly be about upcoming comic book movies and big budget action and sci-fi movies.

Behind the scenes. If there's a movie in particular that did something different from other movies. Whether it be trying to figure out how to shoot Gravity on a sound-stage or the nasty weather conditions on the set of The Revenant, it can be interesting. Even talk about how some shots were achieved and go into a brief lesson about the techniques used.

Digital film school corner. This has to be short or it'll get boring fast cause it's so technical and dry. But start with some camera basics, go into editing and getting your work out there. Can be a mix of very general tips and some very specific like how to fly a drone without crashing it.

I'd also like to be a guest one of these, pls.