Muramasa: Rebirth


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Nov 14, 2007

Release date: June 25, 2013
Price: $39.99

January 29, 2013 Torrance, CA – Aksys Games is proud to announce that it will be releasing the Japanese action RPG, Muramasa Rebirth, the follow-up to the critically acclaimed hit Muramasa: The Demon Blade! Utilizing PlayStation®Vita system’s eye-popping OLED graphics along with Muramasa’s beautifully hand-drawn artwork,MuramasaRebirth brings mythical Japan to life!

About Muramasa Rebirth
Enter the visually powerful and colorful world of Muramasa! Face deadly enemies as they follow your every step. Become Momohime or Kisuke as they journey through ancient Japan fighting samurai, ninja, monsters, and evil spirits!

Muramasa Rebirth Features
Redesigned for the PlayStation®Vita system, Muramasa includes hi-res graphics, enhanced controls, a complete relocalization in English, and more!

Two Stories – Follow Momohime, a princess possessed by an evil spirit, and journey west battling demons and much more! Or follow Kisuke, a ninja who has lost his memory, and travel east in search of the demon blades.

Hi-Res Graphics – Using hand-drawn graphics and Japanese artistic styling, Muramasa Rebirth creates a colorfully painted world on your PS Vita screen!

108 Blades – Search and forge new deadly weapons and build an inventory of up to 108 blades. Each blade has a unique special ability. Equip yourself with these deadly blades and become more powerful as your foes close in on you!

Purchase Additional DLC Characters – Play in four additional scenarios as different characters!



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Mar 4, 2008
Day 1 from me.

I can't seem to find anywhere but is it releasing physically? I'd assume yes since it says pre order from Amazon and gamestop. If no, I'm importing the US version for sure
Feb 7, 2013
Around the GTA
Might check it out for dlc if it's good. Waiting to see how much differentiation there actually is gameplay-wise between this and the older release (don't really care that much about localization it doesnt affect gameplay in a game like this) + are the new characters actually worth playing with. I can't imagine that the new chars are gonna have any real defining abilities.

Honestly this is a fun game but the story really isn't a highlight for me. If I'm right, some tacked on scenario with a sprite change that I'd have to pay for on top of actually buying the game doesn't sound too amazing to me.