MW2 Appreciation Thread

Jun 15, 2008
There seems to be a hell of a lot of threads that seem to hate on MW2. Obviously everyone is entitled to there own opinion but i want to make this thread for all the people who appreciate it. For all the people who are addicted to the Single Player. For all the brothers or sisters who are working through Special Ops together or the rest of us who are just fully immersed in the online world of MW2.

Personally i think the games fantastic, loving every aspect of the online and its every bit as enjoyable as the 1st. The maps are bigger and better, a whole host of attachments, more guns, more perks, just everything we wanted and more really. So please, if your addicted as much as i then let it be known here :)


Oct 25, 2008
I couldn't be more happy with the multiplayer. Still need to finish the single player. It's weird, this is the first time I've ever skipped the single player campaign for a CoD title. I'll get to it eventually, though.
Mar 11, 2009
See the problem is I don't think people hate MW2.. Its just that the hype was build up so large that it failed in some people mind.. especially with all the problems that people are having online.. For myself I've never played a COD.. However I've played BF:BC and MW2 to me has failed in two ways online.. No vehicles and no destruction.. I feel destruction is needed in a game like MW2.. especially after experiencing BF:BC.. An BF:BC was my first ever FPS online so that's why i feel that way..