Need a graphics card


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Sep 4, 2009
Baltimore, MD
What's really good, PSU? Lookin' to buy a graphics card for my PC. Not lookin' to spend more than $200 to $250. Can I get a decent card that will run some nice graphics with that amount? What would you recommend.

My Processor is AMD 6300 6core 3.5ghz
8 gigs of Ram (Looking at upgrading to 16GB *Shrugs*)
No card currently installed. It was onboard with the mobo. Running the value 212mb

What you got for me, PSU? I want to start PC gaming a little bit, see if that peaks my interest in gaming again. I do know I want to get WWE 2K15 for PC if it does indeed come out. And possibly a shooter. Show me the way fam. Good lookin'.


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Oct 8, 2007
I would say; whatever you get, lean toward Nvidia. Their drivers are much better than what AMD put out generally.

However, that's not to say AMD are bad - Don't want to imply that, their cards are actually really good!

I would also say to get a 770 if you can.

However, AMD card are cost less and perform really well.

The R9 280x can be picked up for ~$50 cheaper than a 770 and performs almost identically (drivers notwithstanding)

If you go with any R9 series cards try for the Gigabyte cards. Thier cooling solution is ace and these cards run quite toasty. You'll also want to check your PSU is up to the task.