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Apr 3, 2006
I play a lot of strategy type games, like C&C, Rise of Nations, Cossacks etc. They're the only game genre my PC can handle really, but I dont mind because I do enjoy them. But usually after about an hour into a game, it really starts to lagg. Like it gets really slow. My PC is a heap of crap, (1.5Ghz processor, 256MB RAM, 16MB GFX card), but I dont want to buy a new PC, because I cant afford one. What does my PC need? Just a RAM upgrade or maybe a new gfx card? I just want the games to run faster without lagging half way into them.
Advice would be appreciated.

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Mar 21, 2005
Well with C and C its probably because your advancing and getting more guys and what not. Having more guys and more things on the screen doing differnt things will slow down your comp, depending on how much, it could do it alot.

What you need to fix that is more ram, that way it can process more faster, and handle the differnt things.
1.5Ghz processor
Get more ram and a better graphix card and that should rise a little, that should help you out alot.


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Jan 5, 2006
I'd actually just go and buy a new PC than upgrade in this situation, reason is because to be honest you're years behind on the tech, and it'll be cheaper buying a whole computer for £400 with everything (inc monitor, k/b and mouse) than upgrading your RAM, Mobo, CPU, and GFX which'll probably cost you the same.