Need an unbiased opinion, cant choose between handhelds

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Aug 19, 2007
Ontario, Canada
Lately I've been thinking about getting myself a handheld, but I find myself unable to really choose which one to go for. So, I need PSUs unbiased members to give me there opinion on which to go for. I'm the type of gamer where I want good entertainment per dollar, so I wouldn't buy a Vita just cause remote play might be awesome. Please keep out if your pro-(console), I want people that have played both - and enjoyed them - to give there opinion on which one I should get.

So far my "major wants" for either system is:

Uncharted: Golden Abyss
WipEout 2048
Disgaea 3: Absence of Detention
Killzone: Mercenary
Ys: Memories of Celceta

Not sure about Gravity Rush, and though I have PS+ I dont think I'd really play a large portion of the games.

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D
The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds
Fire Emblem Awakening
Etrian Odyssey IV: Legends of the Titan
Pokemon X
Bravely Default: Flying Fairy

I REALLY want the special edition 3DS XL, and Kid Icarus Uprising and Luigi's Manson look like they could be fun.

Based purely on entertainment value, the 3DS is coming out on top - despite being a hundred or so more. Though I dont know if that would be the smart move, I'm even considering buying one of the handhelds now and the other next year since I cant decide. My current money has been saved for a PS4 but some folks have decided to go in and get me it for Christmas, but I'd rather not make a poor decision - I did that with the Wii, and I regretted it for a long time. lol

Note: Wasnt sure where to put this, based on category titles this seems like the best place - Vita would be too pro-Vita, Nintendo would be too pro-3DS. This is the only forum I go to so I dont have any outside place to try and gather opinions.


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Jul 29, 2005
Vita would be my choice. Seems like it may get a boost in games due to the PS4. Also I wouldn't be surprised if there is a new nintendo handheld announced or a price drop at/after E3.


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Mar 4, 2008
The 3DS has sooooo many more games and much better support.

But the Vita has a good library too, but not many exclusives. Get the 3DS now and Vita later


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Oct 19, 2006
If in doubt, go with 3ds. I'm thinking of getting both, Vita first for remote play and the plephoria of PS+ titles.

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Jun 30, 2013
For me it would be Vita. I guess it might depend on which type of games you like. Personally, I have never been into Nintendo and their more family/child friendly games, but that's just me. Another big reason for me to choose Vita is that I have PS+ and hopefully soon a PS4. I want to be able to use them together and take advantage of the stuff that PS+ brings.


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Aug 19, 2007
Ontario, Canada
I think I'm going to go preorder the Nintendo 3DS XL Legend of Zelda Bundle. For some reason I've been thinking about Pokemon X and Fire Emblem Awakening a lot this month, and The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds & Bravely Default: Flying Fairy look really good. I'm surprised I was able to hold off my impulse buying this long, its how I ended up with the Wii that I didn't play long.. :snicker

I'll most likely get the PlayStation Vita mid-2004, since its starting to seem that some of its games are getting "enhanced" versions or HD remakes put on consoles (AC3: L HD, and Ragnarok Odyssey Ace for instance)
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