Need help creating a music playlist - New York artists


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Mar 27, 2006
I'm interested to know if anyone can help me create a custom music playlist of new music from New York artists, whether it be Hip Hop, Alternative Rock, Electronic and/or Drum & Bass.

The reason that I'm very specific about the kind of songs that I want to find and listen to is because I would like to start writing the story that I've mentioned before in an older thread here where I had also showcased some artwork for its characters.

I've decided from the beginning that the story would take place in New York and I feel it would make for a more genuine and inspiring creative process if the music that I'd listen to was created by artists from the same location. Similar to how Grand Theft Auto games feature music from artists who were born or "active" in the real-life setting that the game worlds are based on, you know?

I don't know if this will help or not but, when it comes to Hip-Hop, I really enjoy Nas' stuff (though I haven't set aside the time to listen to his new stuff recently). For the other genres, I don't have a specific voice or sound in mind, but again, if it comes from New York, feel free to post your suggestions.

Thanks in advance, guys, and I'll be sure to give Rep as soon as possible.
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Nov 29, 2005
New York
Illmatic was the first album I thought of, but it looks like you have that covered. lol

I'm pretty into music, so I'll try and come up with some suggestions. If I can't think of anything, I'll ask my brother, who's been a complete music nerd for years and has listened to every single genre out there (literally).

In general though, Hip-Hop is the genre that has defined New York, unless you go back to the 70s. The exception would be Brooklyn, which is currently a hipster haven, so there's a big indie rock scene there.
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Oct 19, 2008
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Top of my head from New York you have

Jay Z
Beastie Boys
Wu Tang Clan
Talib Kweli
Tribe called quest
Big L
Big Daddy Kane
Mob Deep
Black Star
Mos Def
Busta Rhymes
Eric B and Rakim

Sure there are hundreds of others but they are the noteworthy ones which stick out in my mind.

As ixion said, illmatic is timeless. Love it.

Not sure about the other genres. Didn't think New York had much going for it Drum and Bass wise. Not compared to the little rock I inhabit anyway. Super jealous of the hip hop out there though

TapaTalking from my Mind.
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Mar 27, 2006
Thanks, guys. Also, if you have any tracks relative to New York that come to mind, feel free to post them too. Anything from 2010 to the present would be ideal.