New collection announced for the Playstation Network!!

Sep 20, 2008
In a world far far away
Sony teams up with Rockin? Android to bring Japanese indie-style games to the PSN

The PSN is well know for some excellent niche titles such as Flower, so these indie games will be a welcome addition. *So ? what do they have in the pipeline??The Gundemonium Collection? consists of three titles;Gundemonium Recollection GundeadliGne Hitogata Happa Each game delivers action packed 2-D anime-style game play, and brings the intense indie ?bullet hell? genre to the PS3.Each of the titles offers multiple levels of frenetic action and high?impact weaponry. All of the titles will offer Trophy support and remote play capability.

The screens look impressive looks like a must for me seeing they're like the legendary 2-D shooters of the 90s.