[Nintendo 3DS] Mario Kart 7

Jul 10, 2012
Orlando FL

MarioKart 7 is 7th installment of the Mario Kart franchise also the first and most likely only Mario Kart released on the Nintendo 3ds Its credited along with a price cut and Super Mario Land 3d for turning around the fortunes of the (at the time) Struggling 3ds.


Single Player

Grand Prix- Race in 8 different cups in 3 different classes (standard mario kart) 50cc, 100cc, and 150cc. You get a star rating after every cup will go more into that later.

Time Trail- Race against the clock and try to get the lowest time. You can race against ghost via street pass see if u could beat there best time.

Balloon Battle- Battle up to 8 players CPU or 8 3ds's playing via a wireless connection all you need is one MarioKart game and other players with a 3ds can play via download play. Player with the most amount of balloons taken win.

Coin Runner- Play thru 4 battle stages and try to collect and keep 10 coins player with the most collected coins after 4 rounds wins. You can play alone of with up to 8 players via download play.

Local Multiplayer

In MarioKart 7 you can play local multiplayer with one copy of mario kart. The player(s) that do not have a copy of the game can only use shy guy and can not customize their Kart. In Local Multiplayer you can do Grand Prix, Coin runner, and balloon battle up to 2 to 8 players between 8 3DS's.


You can play online with friends or random people all over the world. I've played with players from japan, UK, brazil, ect. Via a Wifi connection. You can also join communities, create your own and have your own leader boards and event in those communities.

Mario Kart Channel

This is were you go to retrieve ghost data or racers ViaSpot Pass race against people you've gotten tags from. You can also check your stats here. It displays your wins and losses, VR points (online points you get after each race), total coins collected, and how many streetpass tags you've gotten.

My current Stats at the time of this writing...

VR: 5209
Wins: 2475
Losses: 2366
Coins Collected: 10276
StreetPass Tags: 64

Graphics: The graphics are on par with Wii Graphics. Playing in 3d could be annoying like most 3ds games I only use the 3d feature when I'm watching the cut scene after you win a grand prix.

Gameplay: Its addictive and deep. No matter your skill level you can pick up and play this game. Tracks are cleverly designed and are based themes from mushroom kingdom, Wii Resort, and characters in the game. Using the slider instead of a joystick or D pad is easy to use and works well. Your L and R buttons are used for your power slides.

Tracks: There are a total of 32 tracks in this Mario Kart. 16 all new tracks and 16 retro track from other Mario Kart Games from the SNES, N64, GCN, GBA, DS, and Wii. My personal favorites from the past tracks are the snes remakes of rainbow road and mario circuit 2 also love the N64 classics Luigi raceway and Kalimari Desert.

Karts: In this game you can customize your Kart after you select your player. You pick your Kart, Tires, and glider. You can combine them to your style of driver to assure you body is ready for the track! The more cups you complete and the more coins you collect you unlock new kart customization components.

-Star rating-

When you complete a cup you get a star rating. 1 to 3 star the only benefit of this is when you play online you have little stars by your name. If you have atleast one star in all the cups in all CC's you will have one star by your name. Same thing with 2 in every cup and 3.

Impression: This game was one of the main reasons why I even bought a 3ds console. Before this mario kart the last one I really played hardcore was Mario Kart 64 once I started playing it felt a lot like Mario Kart 64 and having 3 tracks from N64 made me feel right at home. I've spent hours playing and practicing then about double that time playing against other players thru out the world. I've found that Japanese players are the most difficult and like to gang up on me personally lmfao. Its a fun addictive game you can easily dump hours into this game. I enjoyed the addition of the glider and underwater racing. Controls are tight and gameplay is on point which is expected by me from this franchise. If you own a 3ds or are thinking about getting one this is a must have title for the 3ds. Online play from my experience has been good not much lag for me or my gf. Bottom line this game delivers exactly what you expect no surprises here it can as fun as you want it to be. It has a great 1 player modes, awesome online play and if you have a local street pass group that meets up from time to time it provides some great times in local multiplayer mode. I've been to 3 local meetings since I've gotten the game great times.

DeviousOne's Score
-Great replay value-
-good Online play-
-You can use your Mii-

-Online player pick about 10 out of the 32 tracks so learn those tracks LMAO-
-More of the same good for some bad for some-
-Could use better battle stages-​
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Aug 12, 2009
A slight deviation from the formula! :p Hows the sound? I've updated the index. You are now a plankton! Along with Lethal.


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Mar 4, 2008
Good game. I quite liked the Resort track. Gameplay is addicting as always. I always listen to my iPod when playing though, the sounds shit me :lol: