Not so long to go in a galaxy far far away: Elite Dangerous


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May 23, 2015
On Red Dwarf....
Set the stardate in your calenders, on 27 June this game finally comes to the PS4! Can't wait for this one, played it on my laptop a bit as I'm old enough to remember the original on BBC Micro (if that's not showing my age I'm not sure what will! ) :eek:

The PS4 version comes complete with the full horizons expansion. Time to fully geek out with a HOTAS controller to methinks; although it seems the developer had put a lot of thought into using a DS4 too. Just need them to please please support VR with this, that would make it perfect.

Anyone else joining in for some deep space trading / combat / pirating / bounty hunting / mining? * (*delete whichever is unapplicable)

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