Official Gran Turismo 4 thread

Mar 17, 2006
So with GT5 coming out, I've gone back and started playing GT4 again, and I've got to say its one hell of a game. It looks almost as good as Forza 2, obviously not 3, but it plays awesomely, on PS2! I've been modding my 69 vette, and to have the true experience, you have to play without any driving aids. I found out that Gran Turismo doesn't only simulate understeer like every other racing game! I will get GT5 when a) I have the time to play, and b) Reviewers convince me that its worthy of a 9.9 score. Honestly, though, if they just put a new coat of paint on four and it came out from anyone other than PD, it would probably have gotten 10/10. I think the goal was to pick it apart to sensationalize the reviews and get hits, because, lets face it, you already know if you want GT5, and you aren't bothering with a review.