[OPINION] Call of Duty Black Ops 3 Beta/CoD series


El Presidente
Jul 2, 2008
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tl;dr I like it but don't buy it if you don't like CoD, same as usual, with a few tweaks.

Full impressions.

Well I'm having fun anyway. This is coming from someone who hasn't played a CoD since BO2. I had brief playing time with Advanced Warfare on a free weekend, but not enough play time to really say anything about it. Anyway I don't buy it Every. Single. Year. And then whine about it not being different enough. Now it's too different. *facepalm*

The wall running isn't terribly complicated but could be interesting if future maps utilize this mechanic. Specialists are an interesting feature in that one person can potentially turn the tide of a game single handily. Are some useless (Glitch)? Yes. Are some OP (War Machine)? Yes.

A couple new modes on offer. Uplink it basically CTF except teams fight over one flag (or ball in this case) and return it to the enemies uplink glowing orb thingy. I don't find it interesting.
Safeguard. This mode I like. It reminds me of Payload in Team Fortress 2. Which is what this mode is. Stand close to a robot to make it move from one side of the map to the other. Other team tries to prevent you from doing so.
I hope they add other, new mode types down the road.

Some of the guns are very powerful but I have not noticed any single gun standing out as THE gun that everyone uses. Maybe I've gotten lucky with my games and haven't had that problem? In previous games I would shoot an enemy but they kill me first. When the kill cam comes on it didn't show me firing a single shot. That has not happened here. Hit detection seems pretty okay. I hope wager matches will be back.

The scorestreaks from what I have experienced are not excessive. I didn't find myself thinking a kill was 'cheap' from one of the scorestreaks. There were no constant carpet bombs or the damn attack dog units (which were extremely excessive in previous games. It was better to just put down the controller for a few minutes and stop playing, which I did. Even if you shot one dog there were five others ready to rip you apart. That was definitely OP).

I will mention that I have had some connection problems. I lagged a number of times but not constantly. My ping was always around 50. Other people I saw there ping at 100+. I never experienced a crash.

Wrap up.

Do I think CoD needs to reinvent itself? Yes.
Do I think the series needs to outright die? No, I happen to like CoD in less frequent doses. I don't hate these games the way some do with a burning passion.
Does the fact that things haven't changed dramatically prevent me from enjoying myself? No.
Why is this? Because I don't buy it every year so I'm not fatigued by this series so much.

Open to criticism. I'm ready to defend myself and this game.