[Opinion] How Microsoft could hurt the Gaming Industry if XBOX ONE is a success

Oct 18, 2011
I think Microsoft could potentially hurt the gaming industry if their new XBOX ONE console is a success. As we all have seen at the XBOX REVEAL conference, they announced that the console will focus more on: TV and Sports. This is bad news for many gamers that are XBOX fans since the gaming industry has always been about the video games we play, and that has to keep being the highest priority for Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft. A lot of gamers have been raging at Microsoft for having TV and Sports as a higher priority, and this I think SONY will take in account to not do the same mistake as Microsoft in the future. Sony is already walking in the good path by showing an immense amount of jaw dropping exclusives like: DriveClub, InFAMOUS: Second Son, Knack, The Witness, and Killzone: Shadow Fall. Microsoft has done the complete opposite by showing less games, and more about TV and Sports.

Now imagine if the XBOX One is a major success like the Nintendo Wii was this past generation of consoles, then SONY and Nintendo will have to follow that TV being a higher priority steps too. Similar to how Microsoft and SONY started following Nintendo footsteps with motion controller after the major Nintendo Wii success. This will result in consoles that prioritizes TV over GAMES, and this will make the gaming industry something it wasn't. We need change, but changes like this is for the worse. Microsoft is doing something very risky, and I fear if they succeed we will see SONY, and Nintendo follow in the same path. We the hardcore gamers will never support a console that prioritizes TV over games, but the problem is that casuals will. As you can see the Nintendo Wii was supported by casuals, and not to mention its cheap price it costs compared to the more expensive PlayStation 3, and XBOX 360.

If Microsoft success does change the gaming industry this way, E3 might not even be what it is nowadays anymore. We will see more MOVIES and TV shows at E3 then video games. I fear we will see Apple, Samsung, and Google join E3 every year to talk about how their consoles have more TV shows than XBOX, PlayStation, and Nintendo. I think Microsoft can totally destroy the gaming industry if they are successful with the XBOX ONE, just like how they destroyed Rare LTD.
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Dec 30, 2007
I like it nightcrawler. You make a legitimate point. I will add this to the entries, but do you think you could add a little to it? I'm not going to be a giant stickler about the 500 minimum word count, but I feel there could be a little more to tell there. Either way good piece!
Nov 1, 2008
You are stating why I'm a PS fan. True gamers go with the PS systems and the next X-poops-one is making me happy. I will definitely be purchasing the PS4.