[Opinion] PS3 gaming thinking

May 29, 2013
South Dakota
What I think needs to be noted is what needs to be stopped is hacking. It’s one of the worst things I hate about multiplayer games. It ruins the whole game with cheating and changing layout of the game.

I know from experience that slows the process of you beating the game. It could ruin the whole game; I have witnessed a player being threatening to another. I don’t know the damage that would cause but it’s probably bad.im not saying they should go to jail or anything but they should be severely punished. The more hackers in games the less people who want to play games, simply won’t play anymore and companies will lose money. I now that some multiplayer games already have a report button but what will that do. Not all games have a report player button. I do like playing games they are great but I don’t like people ruining good games. It’s like finding out your game disc is scratched and doesn’t work.

No one likes cheating and I bet if hackers themselves get hacked they won’t like it. They probably would want them to stop, talk about taste of your own medicine. I would call myself a gamer but I’m not good at all games no one is, and that brings me to another problem not just I have other people have. What I’m getting at is that I hear people get dissed all the time, language my problem it doesn’t make people happy and is considers cyber bulling children play video games too and they are too scared to report about hacking and bad language not only should it be stopped it should be stopped fast.

Now I’m about to talk about my least favorite type of game. I hate the games that repeats like in Assassins Creed in the first one, I got bored fast of doing the same thing all over again just killing important people the whole time it sucked and there are others out there and there will be more. It’s really not that fun maybe the first couple times.

Now to lose all the negativity. I love gaming and I have to tell ya it just gets better and better. The PlayStation 4 wows the touch pad on the controller crazy man a share button man awesome. It’s like a crazy gaming computer. Technology keeps getting better and better you don’t know what they will come up with. The PlayStation move was great need more games for it. Bioshock is another good one creepy games are just awesome, but seriously games are great it’s not a waste of life if anything it’s a way to release anger stress or just something to do way to .Honestly I’m not a fan of games made from movies.

I do like video games. It’s amazing how far gaming has gone from Pac man street fighter and maniac mansion to bioshock Borderlands call of duty. Gaming will get better and I can’t wait.
Nov 1, 2008
Funny how my kid and I think alike. I just thought it would be good for him to write a 500 word article but am happy he mentions Maniac Mansion :) Way to go Jason! However, I am ok with some hacking. I've been playing games for so long I kind of enjoy a god mode opposed to starting with a brand new character and earning everything once again.
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Dec 30, 2007
Unfortunately in terms of hacking, if there's a will, there's a way. Someone out there will always look to ruin others' experiences by cheating. I remember all so well in my Socom glory days of people flying in the sky or invincible dudes, or people glitching in the map. Well done, entry added.