[Opinion] This generation of Game Developers

Feb 16, 2012
This generation of game developers has to be one of the worst. They'd rather make simple games, than trying...to actually work.
I really hate how all these companies are making all these cool rpgs and games for smart phones and ipads.
they could could be in portables but nope cheaper on these IOS devices.
You have the PS Vita beautiful pice of hardware, with no software, because Game Developers aren't risk takers and
.It's no point getting hyped when someone says, "Cybersoft* the makers of Batman: Black the color of the Bat...just teased a new games. Find out what it is in two weeks
2 weeks later, Lego angry birds for the IOS.

I remember when game developers were given a system they got excited, they'd push boundaries some of the most amazing games we've ever seen date back to anything prior to 2004. Put simply it was a Nike generation..They, "Just did"
Sadly now all we get are complaints and exploits. "We can't do this" .."The hardware is complex"..."We need a new system".."It's not a good idea to make New Ips on a 5 year old system". I call BS.

But, it doesn't stop there. We are currently on the "Next-Current Gen", but how many "Next-current" Generational games have we actually seen? The Ps3/Xbox generation has seen nothing but; Remakes,HD's ..., Classics, Indie (simplistic 4 year old games) and probably ...5-10 actual "Next-current" Gen. The've even HD'ed games of this Generation. How do you HD an HD game?

But again, they'll swear up and down that we need a new system..

What for?I don't think we need a new system for complaints or more "HD's".
With the PS4 and the XboxOne (Very bad choice of name) on the way...you think we're going to finally see next-gen
But your wrong...what your actually going to see...is the Ps3's full capabilities on the Ps4.

Food for thought
PS3 had better hardware than the 360 hands down.
Ps4 and XboxOne....aren't that far apart hardware wise....

So....we released a new system just to let Microsoft catch up?
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Dec 30, 2007
I really like the piece, definitely a different take on console hardware and what we are really seeing this gen and potentially next gen. I will add this, but it's a bit under the 500 minimum word count. I'm not going to be too hard on it (it's not a spelling or grammar test), but it can't hurt to add a little bit more before the end of next month. Overall, good piece.
Nov 1, 2008
I also like where you went with your article. I thought it was going to be another Xbox basher but you went all the way with it. I am actually thinking I may get a vita now that the PS4 is going to allow you to play your games on it (I think)? However there was a ton of loading time with the PS3; not even sure how many weeks of waiting I did for games like Oblivion, Skyrim, WWE games, and basically most of them. I believe they are saying there won't be that huge delay time and hey I might have even beaten more of my games if it wasn't for all those loading times. Just saying I'm kind of excited for the PS4