[Opinion] Video Games as Mainstream Entertainment

May 28, 2013
There once was a time when people scoffed at film at being a form of media that could entertainment the masses. It seems that video games are somewhat subjected to the same kind of ridicule. Despite people's denial of video games being a mainstream entertainment medium it is very possible. With the emergence of a more active consumer and new ways to play and tell the story of a video game there is a promising future for video games to be a mainstream entertainment source.

For the most part consumers are becoming more active than ever. The consumer wants to not only view a product, but interact with it as well. From children to the elderly we see the impact of the active consumer when it comes to their media. The iPhone is a perfect example of an entertainment source that is no longer just viewing what is on a screen, but manipulating it. These apps are for the most part social media and games, and this fact proves promising for more elaborate video games.

Video games can engage the consumer through action and storytelling unlike any other medium of entertainment. Games such as Heavy Rain provide a new way to play a video game. One that is invested in the story and taking you along with it, rather than action that stems from one event and seems separate from the other events. A game like Heavy Rain are a game genre of the future. These types of games are a more active form of film and are simple enough to play that it invites all types of people interested in intriguing storytelling.

Advanced storytelling can go a long way as well. Games such as Uncharted and Metal Gear Solid 4 exemplified cinematic cut scenes and gameplay interweaving. This new approach is something that can appeal to both current gamers and new gamers. It provides an interesting way to tell the story which can keep more than the gamer invested in what is going on.

Video games have increased the depth of their stories and gameplay. No longer is the feeling that games are just levels, but rather a journey. No longer do games feel as if the story has no relevance. As video games evolve there seems to be no doubt it can become a mainstream entertainment medium.


Super Elite
Dec 30, 2007
I agree with many of your points, Jim. What I love most about Uncharted is the movie like feel, the over the top action that feels much more than just "Level 3-2". Games are pretty sophisticated these days. Overall good piece, but it's a little short of the mark. You think you could add a little more? I won't penalize you either way, your entry is added.
Nov 1, 2008
I hear you when you talk about Heavy Rain. That game kept me engaged and they pushed the envelope to wear others don't go in video games; it was a very impressive. I also believe as our generations of gamers are growing up it only makes since that more and more people want to be engaged in their activities. I still like movies as a break from thinking though.