[Opinion] Xbox One concerns

Jan 3, 2009
Coming off seeing Microsoft's press conference unveiling the Xbox One has me having feelings of worry about the successor to the Xbox 360. For one Microsoft is having Kinect being sold with Xbox One rather than having Kinect being an option like they did for the Xbox 360. It makes me feel like Microsoft will in some way use Kinect to win over the casual fans like families and children then the hardcore games. Also having to have Kinect plugged into Xbox One seems a bit dumb, I really don't want to be seen all over the world when playing video-games or say watching a movie! Plus think what would happen if little children were playing alone, you really don't know who is watching on the other side. i at least hope there's an option to disable the camera and mic being on.

Second Microsoft is making Xbox One as this all in one entertainment system package, basically replacing the need to use a computer to surf the internet or watch Netflix. It reminds me of when Sony released the PSX in Japan which was basically what the Xbox One is. It had a DVR built into it to record television shows but was way over priced so it was never released anywhere else. Then there's the whole DRM where you have to have the system online in order to play games according to an article with Phil Harrison. I think it's only check the system to see if a game has been activated only once and keep track of the number of activations. Also having a pay an activation fee seems a bit harsh. Hearing how it's anywhere from paying full price of a game is just insane! What I think publishers should do is just offer a small fee like say $5 per activation or even $10. I really think it's just them being greedy but I understand they see zero money when gamers buy used over new.

Third, is the price of the system. With a bluray drive instead of a DVD drive and a 500GB hard drive and Kinect being thrown in, I could see it being $400. I am hoping for at least two models being offered, maybe a 1TB Xbox One fr those who want a bigger hard drive space. Which is kinda steep considering a PS3 cost $279.99 which what I payed for my 250GB Uncharted 3 GOTY PS3 last year. Also I hope Microsoft does let you switch out the hard drive like Sony does with the PS3. It would be terrible if you had to buy a Microsoft hard drive as they are pretty expensive. I remember buying a 320GB hard drive with Lego Star Wars Episode 3 for $100 when it was on sale at Gamestop last year. It was kinda a bummer as Microsoft likes to over price their products.

In conclusion I really wish Microsoft the best at E3 in the coming weeks. Hopefully they can shed some more light on a few of the concerns and questions I have about their upcoming system.
May 25, 2013
Good post.

As a gamer, an owner of ps3 and 360 my concerns are more for the new Xbox.

Too much emphasis on being a media centre in my opinion and shying away from what made the xbox so enjoyable. Great power and games. Ms just need to create some exclusives, stabilise xbox live and it'll be successful.

My concern is that gamers are not the primary audience, so it seems anyway.


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Dec 30, 2007
Good piece, it's been entered.

I have my concerns too, but I'll definitely reserve judgment until E3. I wish them the best E3 as well.