Opinions on Swede Momsen (12/30/2010)

Jul 24, 2010
The person we shall discuss today is Charles "Swede" Momsen (June 21, 1896 – May 25, 1967). Swede Momsen is one of my role models and ever since I first read a non-fiction book on him, I have grown to respect the man. He was a Vice Admiral in the United States Navy and an inventor. If it wasn't for him, submarine search and rescue operations wouldn't be the same. He invented a lot of equipment to rescue trapped survivors in submarine wrecks. Sadly the United States Navy didn't accept many of his ideas. Two of his most well-known inventions are the submarine rescue diving bell and the Momsen lung. He personally oversaw and directed the first deep-water submarine rescue in history, the rescue of the crew of the USS Squalus in 1939. What are your thoughts on this man, who I believe to be a true American hero?

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