Oreshika Tainted Bloodlines releasing on PSN today in the US and tomorrow in EU


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Aug 21, 2008
Oreshika: Tainted Bloodlines, SCE Japan Studio’s PS Vita RPG about revenge and lifting curses, will be available for PS Vita later today in North America and tomorrow in Europe.
The $20 game, said to be 100 hours in length, is set in Ancient Japan. The player’s clan was sentenced to death for crimes they did not commit, and two curses were placed upon them. But a god resurrected you and now you are searching for those who cursed and conspired against you so that you may redeem the honor of your family name.
There are eight classes to choose from, each with their own unique strengths and abilities. You’ll travel to distant lands and explore dungeons, acquire rare items, discover new gods, do battle with new demons, and interact with the towns of distant clans, in which you can hire mercenaries, adopt new members, and buy new items. In your own town, you’ll be able to invite armorers and weaponsmiths to create heirloom items, which can grow stronger as they’re passed down the generations.

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Decent price despite it being digital only so I might pick this up some point.