[OT] What PS5 Games Are You Looking Forward To in 2021-2022?


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Sep 17, 2005
What PS5 Games Are You Looking Forward To in 2021-2022?

Here is my list of most anticipated games for PS5:

- Kena: Bridge of Spirits -
I think this game has a unique art style. The world looks interesting and I'm looking forward to finding out more about the combat system and how players use the Rot.

- Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart -
I love the series and looking forward to playing the latest entry on the PS5. The new rift mechanic of warping between worlds is pretty cool.

- Elden Ring -
I'm a fan of Soulslike games and the fact that FromSoftware pulled in George R. R. Martin to write some of the story sounds enticing.

- God of War Ragnarok -
Outside of Ghost of Tsushima and Final Fantasy VII Remake, God of War was my favorite game of the last generation. I look forward to seeing what Sony Santa Monica has up their sleeves for their latest entry to the God of War series.

- Final Fantasy VII Remake Part 2 -
It's pretty much a given that the next entry to the FFVII Remake series will be on the PS5. I'm just hoping that they announce / show off something soon. While the ending was a little weird, I thoroughly enjoyed Part 1. I hold a lot of nostalgia for the Final Fantasy series, and FFVII on the PS1 is one of my favorite games of all-time.

So what are some of your most anticipated games for 2021-2022? Post your list and a brief description of why you're looking forward to the game.


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Jun 30, 2013
Horizon: Forbidden West
I absolutely just loved the first game, it's my PS4 "exclusive" of the generation (so far, TLoU2 still have the chance to take that spot). So that makes me super excited for the second game. It's definitely my most anticipated game right now.

Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart
I played the PS4 game and it was really fun to play. This looks like it will be better in almost all aspects.

And these I don't know alot about, but they definitely seems interesting:

Kena: Bridge of Spirits
The art style is really nice and I hope the actual gameplay, story, characters etc is really good. So far we don't know much about the game, but it looks promising.

Little Devil Inside
There's something about the art style and the theme of the game that really speaks to me. I really hope the actual gameplay is nice too.

God of War Ragnarok
I've only played the first game a little bit (the combat seemed really good for example), but judging by that this game is definitely interesting.


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Sep 4, 2009
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  • Gran Turismo 7
  • MLB: The Show '22
I enjoyed the time I played of GT Sport and now, GT7 looks to be the full experience that OG players have come to love, so I'd like to enjoy that experience as well. I'm excited for MLB '22 to see if they unlock the full potential of PS5 or will it be held down by 2013 PS4 like everything else. Really hope the experience comes to PC as well. Would be a day 1 purchase.


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Aug 21, 2008
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Hajimari No Kiseki(localisation of it if it comes out this year in the west) and Kuro No Kiseki(In Japanese since I heard it's releasing this year)

Interested in
Kena Bridge of Spirits
Ratchet and Clank:Rift Apart
Resident Evil 8

My only new release I got this year was Persona 5 Strikers 😊


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Jun 30, 2013
After I've been playing God of War for about a week now, God of War Ragnarok is definitely moved up (from games I don't know much about that seems interesting) to one of my most anticipated upcoming games. God of War is really good so far. But Horizon: Forbidden West is still my most anticipated game right now.


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Jul 26, 2015
Scarlet Nexus trailer actually caught my eye so I'll try and keep up with the updates on it.

Lost Souls Aside is basically a game started by a single person being very inspired by the Devil May Cry series and FFXV.

Project Eve I believe consists of a few people that had helped develop the Blade & Soul PC title years back.

I'll more than likely play FFXVI at some point, but SE P.R./marketing have a horrid history of revealing titles long before they are ready. I can't get hyped for that anymore.