[QUOTE="RuStY98, post: 5528474]where do i get the awesome paint jobs i see loads of people online with sick paint but the only cool paint i have is from the TVR's[/QUOTE]

Hi you get paint chips from a number of sources in the game.

Each time you buy a car, you get given that colour paint chip to paint another car that colour.

Each day you log on, with the game they give you free paint chips.

Lastly when you have bought a number of cars, each 20 or so you usually get given a matt or chrome colour chip to use.

Then you can use any of these to paint your cars in the game


May 5, 2011
Bondi, NSW
[QUOTE="ramses2005, post: 5532522]awsome ones are usually with a car you win, theyre incredible some even change color[/QUOTE]

the TVR's have pretty sick paint lol even just been buying loads just so i can use the paint on my other cars so i might do an online race were the winner can win a tvr hehe need to get rid of some