Peregrin8x: Stage 3 (14 Day ban + 30 Day probation)


Wibbly Wobbly
Nov 28, 2006
New Zealand
As you may well be aware PSU is a Playstation-centric community. While we are aware and proud of this fact, that fact alone does not excuse behaviour which is not up to a mature and accepting standard we expect from our members.

Lately, the following posts/threads (not to mention your current signature) - while not limited to - are examples of what behaviour and style we try to strongly discourage from within our community.

Post 1 & Post 2

Seeing as you have been placed on Stage 1 & Stage 2 previously and recently, you are now being placed on Stage 3. Which is a 2 week ban and a 30 day probation thereafter; effective immediately.

The ban should expire on the 18th December 9am (NZDT). From that point you will be placed on a 2 week probation which you will be monitored strictly.