Petition for EA Mercenaries 3


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Mar 27, 2006
Shouldn't the goal be higher than 100 signatures? That's really low demand to convince anyone.

But you know if they do bring it back, it would likely be a reboot of the series instead of a third entry, like Star Wars Battlefront. Also worth considering whether or not EA have the team and resources available to pursue a revival of the series and if they do revive it, how willing the fans would be to play it with the possibility of changes made to better market it to a new generation. So, even if your petition is successful, you might not receive the same nostalgic experience with the new game.

And no offense but it always bothered me that people who start petitions seem to never go into detail about what they want and they don't do a good job convincing video game companies why they should pursue it. The usual remembrance of better days in gaming coupled with personal accusations that the company you're writing to has a bad reputation doesn't exactly get you on their good side.
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