Photorealistic graphics in new trailer for Microsoft Flight Simulator


Extreme Poster
Mar 27, 2006

Flight Simulator will feature Asobo's in-house developed game engine, and leverage Bing Maps data, accessing over two petabytes of data from the cloud on demand. Azure AI analyzes map data and photogrammetry to generate photorealistic 3D models of buildings, trees, terrain, and so on. This allows the simulator to depict most parts of the world in 3D photorealism, and other parts in high definition.

There will also be very realistic physics and weather systems, and utilization of real-world weather data. An example used at E3 2019 was that if it was raining somewhere in real life, it would be raining in-game. The developer has stated that individual clouds will have their own behaviors and that they will impact aircraft performance depending on its location within the system. Asobo has created their own flight model engine, allowing thousands of fully simulated surfaces and 3D forces and moments to be fully simulated.

Flight Simulator will populate roads with vehicles, water will flow realistically based on wind direction, and trees will have individual leaves, creating the illusion of a living world. It will feature over two million cities and towns and more than 40,000 real-world airports.

And this is how it looks flying close to the ground: