Platform Games/ Mario

Apr 23, 2007
Glasgow, Scotland
Why on earth can no one make a better game then Mario? Super Mario World is still King after all these years. My 5 year old just got Super Mario Bros for the DS and it is amazing...Gameplay is just so perfect.

Why on earth do devs find it so hard to make really good platform games these days? LBP was a good attempt Rayman Origins was a great attempt but they just didnt have the magic gameplay that the Italian plumber has!

Castle Of Illusion? Is this the game to bring the magic back to the platform games on proper consoles?
Oct 18, 2006
Mario is like the Mickey Mouse of the gaming world, he is infused into every gamers brain! I think the key to their formula is that is it not overly hard to learn/play the game, has lots of interesting things going on and that it is just fun to play! Now...for Mario's dark side...