[PlayStation 3] Assassin's Creed III

May 5, 2011
Assassin's Creed III tells two story: one of a man named Desmond and the other Connor. Desmond is now with his father and gang as they try to save the world while avoiding the Templars. They come upon a cave that holds the key, but requires a key to stop the sun from burning the world up. Thus Desmond assumes the role of first Connor's father and then Connor himself. Connor eventually becomes an assassin and is given the task to execute the very men his father recruited. Throughout Connor's journey, he grows from an unsure boy to a strong and virtuous man. Also, Connor is not the only one developing. Assassin Creed III takes place during the Revolutionary war and you get to see both sides of history as the U.S. becomes a nation. You also get to see it from Connor's Native tribe eyes too and how they feel about the war. Connor's story ends but does not necessarily end well. Desmond's ending is even more controversial than Connor's. All in all, I enjoyed playing as Desmond and he had a really cool ancestor named Ezio.

Meh. That is the perfect way to describe the sound and music of AC III. Deer and beavers make sounds I've never heard in my life while running away. I didn't even know deer could scream! The music was decent. It was not extraordinary. In fact, I could have played the game on mute if it not for the voice acting. The voice acting is the only sound in the game worth listening to. Connor sounds just like an Indian, the French sound French, and the British sound like British. The voice acting is top notch and some sounds, like cannons firing on a ship, felt realistic to my ears. However, the sound and music quality is one of the game's weakest assets and I hope Ubisoft is aware of this, and won't make the same mistake with ACIV.

Clothing and towns look gorgeous. It's in the forests that things slack off. I would have liked to see more detail to the leaves and bushes. Animals such as deer lack detail and look like walking poop. Then, there's the glitches and frame rate issues. The frame rate issues are there but rare, but don't get me started on the glitches. I updated the software and the game became glitch heaven. Many times I had to restart a mission because my allies would just stand there and do nothing when the mission was complete. There were times in which Connor and Desmond became one with walls. This is another thing Ubisoft needs to be aware. Stop releasing the games annually and take your time if you're going to release a glitchy mess!

ACIII is a really fun game. The controls are like AC games, except you no longer have to hold X to sprint. There are dozens of side quests and things to do in the 13 colonies, such as hunting, games, sailing (Argh!), freeing districts, bringing down Templar fortresses and more. There's plenty of content that is not considered in the main story to tide gamers over for a long time. The main missions vary and have optional objectives. Completing optional objectives not only synches you with Connor, but you get prizes as well. That along with the side quests give this game great replay value even after the story ends. My main gripes with this game is the limited amount of weapons and no armor to buy. I also did not like the homestead economy, and prefer repairing property like Ezio was doing. What I do not have a problem with is the AI of your enemies. The soldiers are smart and it's harder to get away. Even when they no longer see you, they check out every hay stack and well in sight. They're even smart during battles. They know to strike while you're back is turned and you are busy with someone else.

Assassin's Creed III was a great game and I look forward to the high seas in ACIV. It's not as good as ACII, but I put it above Brotherhood and Revelations.

9 out of 10 stars!
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Oct 30, 2006
Thanks for the review although I'd personally give it 7/10. If I was to describe the game with a sentence it would be: "good, but it got lost".


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Dec 30, 2007
Nice wolf! Glad to see you contributing a bunch for the section, much appreciated! AC is not really my cup of tea, though.
May 5, 2011
[QUOTE="podsaurus, post: 6119502]Thanks for the read! So do you think if I do not update the game I can limit the amount of glitches I run in to?[/QUOTE]

I'm actually not sure. What happened to me might have been a freak accident. pod, I recommend you ask someone else who knows more about glitches. The software update is supposed to make it better and I believe it is rare for glitches to emerge after an update.