[Playstation 3] Dragon Age 2


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Oct 25, 2009
Dragon Age 2

Dragon Age origins released to critically acclaimed success. Indeed DA:O was loved by millions of player for the choices you make, open world, multiple endings, dungeons, and a character you grown to love. When Dragon Age 2 was announced fans where excited. We were told our save data from the first would be used in DA2 and would have an impact. Everyone rushed out to get it and boy did we get played for SUCKERS.

DA2 you play as Hawke who has fled Fereldon from the blight to arrive in Kirkwall. You start with your mom, sister, and brother. Depending on what class you choose depends on if your sister or brother goes with you and your mom to Kirkwall. You meet Aveline and her husband a Templar on your escape. This is a problem as your sister is a mage, and so might you if you choose. Luckily you put differences aside, some spoiler stuff happens, and you’re in Kirkwall.
Arriving there you meet your uncle who is a scumbag and tells you that you have to work for either two people for a year before you are “free”. DA2 does a great job of giving you choice in quest. Your character is no longer silent, but has a voice wheel with reg, sarcastic, and mean. Choosing one often will result in people liking you or hating you. It will also affect what Hawke says during non-choice.
After a year you are free and want to join a deep roads expedition to get money. You have misc quest to get the coin. This is considered Act 1 of DA2. DA2 is split between 3 acts. Over the course of the acts events happen to where you become more popular. This all leads to the climax which is the underlying story of Templars vs Mages.
In the story you will meet familiar faces as well as new people. The promise our save story will have an effect from DA:O is a complete joke. It is a few extra scenes, or an extra line none of which have any major impact on the story what so ever. In fact most of the choices you make in the game never seem to really matter. The height of DA2 story was Act 2 which had an extremely sad and disturbing event. This event was not even the climax of Act 2.

Over all you meet people you tend to forget, choose someone to take as your lover, and walk away to a WTF ending that you will not get to know till DA3, which from rumors as of 1/20/2013 is not going to be on this gen, so literally nothing you do matters at all. Your companions actually have personality and you will find yourself caring more about them then the main story. DA:O took many player over 40 hours to beat. This game is about 25 hours.
Final Score-7/10

The combat was completely revamped and is more controller friendly than DA:O. Every class has been overhauled with skills. Combat is the highlight of this game. It is absolutely fun to be in combat, and on harder setting you have to think more. Each class has many sub classes you can choose. You can be a mage specializing in ice. You can be a warrior wielding a two hander pretending your Cloud or Sephiroth. You can be a rogue that specializes on vanishing and sneaking up on your opponents. The combat is fun and addicting. You are giving six skills to hot bar, and can bring up a wheel that pauses the game to access your other skills. You can give commands to party members to help form your strategy. Overall the combat is the best part about DA:2.
Final Score: 10/10

Welcome to the part DA2 utterly fails. You quickly find yourself visiting the same places over and over in DA2. Feel like you have been to this dungeon before? You are right you have. There are literally 3 dungeon designs in the game. It makes each seem “different” by blocking off different paths. This repetitiveness is what brings the game down. How they made such a fantastic many location, giant world in DA:O then utterly fail to do the same in DA2 is beyond me. This is the part where the game fails.
Final Gameplay Score: 1/10

Overall DA2 was a letdown. It just seemed like the devs took a lazy route. From the story, to the repeat dungeons everything just screams lazy. Maybe they did not have a big enough staff because ME3 was being dev to. Regardless this game is not fit to hold the jock strap of DA:O. Maybe DA3 will redeem the series. Unfortunately we will never know and are left hanging with and ending that points and laughs at you.
Final Score: 6/10 Combat and the one event in Act 2 brought the score up

Yuichi likes
-combat is awesome
-customizing your character battle experience
-being a humors hero is always fun
- That Act 2 quest. It really was the best part of the game
Yuichi Hates
-story is boring
-nothing you do has any major impact on the ending
-DA:O save does not matter to the impact we were lead to think
-Mark of Assasin DLC. Seriously it was just made to promote the stupid web show with the absolutely horrible actors.


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Aug 12, 2009
I was mixed about the game. I think I was able to overlook the lack of level variety because my female mage looked so badass and sexy. :) Added to the index, thanks pal.


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Mar 4, 2008
Well, what a mixed bag this game sounds like :/ I never got into these games and I'm not sure how I feel about getting into them now...

I do really like your reviews though Yuuichi, short and honest. Great stuff.


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Nov 28, 2006
New Zealand
I actually quit liked this game. The story was pretty epic for me. (makes me want to play the game again - which means that you've done a good job with the review. ;))

Congrats you win 10,000 cookies! :snicker :p