[PlayStation 3] Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale DLC (Fearless, Kat & Emmett Pack)


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Dec 30, 2007
Despite all the bad news surrounding Playstation All-Stars, I dove head first in the new batch of DLC. Those looking to fire PSASBR back up have a good excuse, SuperBot made two characters and a stage worth giving a look.


If you played Heavenly Sword or even the demo, you'll notice the first part of this level. It starts you off on a leveled platform with not a whole lot of space. There's not much room to escape attacks and you'll be easy to fall prey to high level supers. There are no hazards in this section, so no worries losing AP or being trapped. Personally, I really enjoy the Heavenly Sword music in the background while trying to deal with my opponents.

Not very long in the match, however, the platform starts to crumble with all the characters falling down into the next section, much like the map 'Invasion'. Here's the mash up of Heavenly Sword and Wipeout, where the whole right side is a track with racers speeding past. Getting caught on the right side will take away your AP, not to mention you can repeatedly get caught in this section by your enemy, and must work to escape the tough spot.

'Fearless' adds an extra silver trophy, which is performing a Level 3 Super as Nariko. It will run you $1.99, but the map is free in Ranked FFA. That boils down to you might get lucky and the map will crop up. The newest update also added the 'Rivals' stage. This arena is where you battle your rival and Polygon Man from Arcade Mode. It is added into the game for free. This map might get selected for online modes as well.

For an extra stage, I don't think it's the best, but you can tell SuperBot put a lot of detail into the map to try and make it feel like it belongs to Heavenly Sword and Wipeout. It's an adequate map that isn't all that special. I say pick it up if you're looking for a little extra from PSASBR.

Score for the stage: 6/10

Emmett Graves

Probably one of the best fan services/unique character in the entire roster. The gameplay mechanic from Starhawk's of "Build and Battle" system works perfectly. Emmett's play style relies on controlling the battlefield by strategically placing all the different buildings across the battlefield. He can call forth a turret that can be used as a defensive weapon, an AP generator that if left alone next to, can earn him a super without others even noticing.

He can also call down weapon depots that house either a shotgun or a rocket launcher. If Emmet picks up nothing, he uses his trusty pistol and rifle. It's important to note that his Level 1 super is completely reliant on which weapon he is currently holding. The rocket launcher and shotgun will do significantly different supers that might leave you wasting a super entirely.

Emmett Graves is really fun to try and learn. His supers aren't bad, but they leave room to be desired. His Level 2 super brings down a gain Rift Bomb, but it's definitely avoidable. His Level 3 puts him in the cockpit of a Hawk. I would say that Sweet Tooth's giant mech or Kratos turning into a giant god are better Level 3s. In the grand scheme Emmett is a solid character with decent super attacks. Just not top tier.


I never played Gravity Rush, but Kat has an incredible moveset. From what I gather, her attacks mimic much to how she is plays in Gravity Rush. She has really good combo attacks which will rake in the AP and really escape moves. Supers that rely on chasing characters will have a difficult time with someone who plays Kat well, because she has some really good escape moves. She can easily dash across any stage and close the gap quickly.

Where it gets even better for Kat lovers is the fact that she has some of the best supers in the entire game. I wouldn't go so far as calling her cheap, her supers are avoidable, but they are really powerful. A well-timed super attack racks in the kills.

Her Level 1 super is a dash attack that might be hard to see at first with a level 2 that calls forth projectiles that home in on enemies. Her level 3 is the only real downside, where she fuses with her trusty cat to become a monster feline that tries to rip others to shreds.

I think it's great that when Kat isn't performing any crucial moves that manipulate gravity her cat walks alongside with her. Fans of Gravity Rush will not be disappointed with Kat. She's definitely a character that has more positives than negatives in the roster and could easily be a top tier character.

Both characters are free on the Playstation Store for over another week. Afterwards each character will cost $4.99. Both characters have different intros/outros, costumes, icons and taunts to unlock. They are treated like any other character on the roster with their own entry in Arcade Mode. They were not sloppily added characters. SuperBot gave them the very best treatment and you should snag 'em while they are free!

+ Great fan service for Kat and Emmett

+ Some of the best characters that are incredibly fun to play

+ Breathes some fresh air into the game with a new stage and 2 new characters

- Fearless is a bit underwhelming, $2 stage that might put others off

- Fearless transfers into the second part of the stage too quickly

- Kat might be a character to see a future nerf, too early to tell

Combined score for Kat and Emmett: 9/10
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Dec 30, 2007
Thanks! Yeah, I was hoping it would raise awareness for some who might not know the characters are out! Some of the best, too. Would be a shame to not get them and have to pay later.