[PlayStation 3] Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale DLC (Graveyard, Zeus & Isaac)


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Dec 30, 2007
So another batch of DLC landed a few weeks ago for All-Stars. I was lucky enough to have a friend hook me up with all these goodies, or I would've never had a chance to try them out. But since I have, it's time to share with all of you my thoughts on this wave of content.

The Graveyard

A Medievil themed level, complete with the wisecracking gargoyles that comment on the different individual All-Stars as you fight. But like all stages, it is always a mixed theme with another game. Well, everyone has always wondered what a level would be like with Medievil and The Unfinished Swan, right? As players battle in the graveyard, the level will turn pure white, where blotches of black ink splatter across the level as if it were a canvas. These black splotches are used to create platforms in the level, where before the graveyard is a slightly elvated level with a small incline on one side. After the white and black infusion, the level returns back to the graveyard where those platforms are now structures themed to the nature of Medievil.

As a concept, I think it's a great idea. But as an actual level? It leaves much to be desired. And when the level changes to pure white, it is a bit distracting. Not to mention they opted for coffins that explode AP bubbles instead of any hazards. Overall, a bit disappointing.

Price: $1.99/ $9.99 as part of combo pack
Score: 3/10


Ok, so like me, you're probably wondering, "Of all the potential characters they pick, they opt for a Greek God?" Well, yes. Keep in mind PSASBR is not gearing their DLC towards everyone's wish lists. These characters are all tied to some kind of promotion. In this case, God of War: Ascension. They wanted a big strong, slow character that complimented Big Daddy. So Zeus was their pick. Which would be fine, if the majority of fans wanted him.

His movelist comprises of lightning bolts, strong jabs and upper cuts. Each of these moves can be charged, and if he lands his hits, he can gain massive AP like no other character. He also has a short teleportation move and a trap move, that hardly works. A lot of his combos rely on his trap move, but it takes a good second for it to start, making it improbable to use against fast characters.

His Level 1 and 2 Supers are nothing special, a simple forward explosion and an area explosion, respectively. His Level 3 is really special, as he grows to a giant, leaving his foes panicking for safety.

Due to how slow Zeus moves and attacks, it is really easy to telegraph what he's going to do. In a 1v1 situation, most match ups will leave Zeus at a disadvantage. Best in a FFA situation, where you can pound an unsuspecting foe with unrelenting strength.

Score: 6/10

Isaac Clarke

I am not a Dead Space fan, I barely know anything about it. But Isaac is one fun character in PSASBR. And in the end, that's what the game really shows. It may not have the dream team cast fans want, but diverse characters with fun moves is the reality. It is a game full of promotional characters for new releases, but it doesn't mean you can't enjoy using them!

Isaac uses a variety of tools and traps alongside his trusty , tool-like weapon. He is a ranged fighter, opting more to keep his targets at bay, rather than up close, unlike Zeus.

His Level 1 Super is perhaps one of the more interesting supers in the game. When R2 is pressed, he first sends a freeze attack that if connected, leaves the target frozen for a good amount of time. Then the player can fire a projectile by manually aiming. Technically, he can freeze one target and kill someone else, leaving the frozen target for a teammate. His Level 2 is a simple area explosion and his Level 3 is also pretty cool. It sends everyone into deep space, drifting around while he can navigate. A super that might get nerfed, as the player can rack up plenty of kills with it.

Issac Clarke is one of my favorite characters now, and I know squat about his franchise. He seems to fit in with the rest, and is probably the best part of the DLC.

Price: $4.99/$9.99 with Zeus and The Graveyard

In closing, I don't think this pack is worth the $10, or $5 for the characters separately. Zeus and Isaac are nice additions, but fail to really bring that special "it" factor with their inclusion. Zeus, although a GoW character, is nobodies first choice. His moveset is unique, but ultimately, I think more people would opt for Cloud or Crash over him. Same goes with Isaac. Even though he is a lot of fun, you can't help but think of other characters you'd rather see included. Unlike Kat and Emmett, who were free for 2 weeks, if you didn't get a code with Ascension, you gotta pony up. And the servings are just not good enough.

+ The new characters are fun to play, diverse movesets

+ Zeus and Isaac have really cool Level 3 Supers

- The Graveyard is a rather boring stage

- Neither character is something fans were really pining for
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