PlayStation 4 Game Restrictions ?

Dec 13, 2017
Weaned on politics, today he is Bush's voice

With retiring press secretary Ari Fleischer about the president's correct and McClellan on his left three wearing wide grins -- Bush made McClellan's promotion from deputy press secretary, declaring among those worst-kept keys of an information-stingy White House.

"I'm, one, gloomy that Ari's departing. He has done a fantastic job for my government," Bush said during a brief Rose Garden trip with colleagues. "Luckily, I have a fantastic person to take his position at Scott McClellan."
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McClellan thanked Bush, complimented Fleischer, then cracked a jagged grin supporting the milling reporters and stated, "I look forward to working together with the White House press corps, at the you, anyhow." Following a handshake and a clap on the back from Bush, they stopped the presidential helicopter to get a campaign visit to Georgia. Fleischer didn't talk.

"He has been about it all of his life. It is kind of oxygen because of his family."

McClellan's historical memories include school board meetings and also the rear room of Austin City Council Chambers. He has licked envelopes and knocked on doors along with his three brothers. (Or "my muddo," his youthful voice) He functioned as Austin High's student council president at the mid-1980s, because his mother did nearly 30 year earlier.

While his brothers moved to law and medicine, McClellan captured the political insect, moving out of volunteer campaign worker to conducting of his mum's statewide races. He acquired a profound comprehension of Texas politics and rescued, Strayhorn said, her near 1998 comptroller effort against Democrat Paul Hobby.

McClellan immediately moved into Bush's orbit, brought, he stated, from the governor's compassionate conservative doctrine and inclusive fashion. His first move out of Texas was to Washington, after a Brief detour into Florida during the recount struggle against Al Gore.

"I came here because I think that it's a real chance to create a difference, to do my little part to help execute a schedule I completely support," McClellan said in a meeting. I never expected to wind up where I've, but it's a tremendous honour."

Fleischer, until today Bush's just White House spokesman, will leave next month to seek out a private-sector endeavor, though he intends to notify Bush's re-election campaign. A lot of the press releases Fleischer for putting politics over information, and many colleagues said that they anticipate McClellan to supply a change in design, not substance.

McClellan hopes to stay up to these expectations.

"There will always be a few inside the press corps who believe they're not getting sufficient information, but that is a president and White House that is disciplined and considers in creating the information in their time period," he explained. "And that's functioned well."

Friends and family explain McClellan as even-keeled, concentrated and hard-working, yet with an ever-present sense of comedy. Mark McClellan, the earliest of Strayhorn's sons and also mind of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, stated Scott is enthusiastic about what he's doing. "Folks should know he's a straight shot"

Democrat John Sharp, a former Texas comptroller, never had to confront a McClellan-run effort and admits which might be why he enjoys Strayhorn's youngest.

"I am convinced Ari Fleischer was intelligent, but he did not come across as quite outspoken. I believe this child will be somebody you have to see daily, which Americans will like," Sharp explained.
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Throughout Friday morning's informal interview with White House colleagues, affectionately referred to as the "gaggle," McClellan was pressed to show exactly what everybody in the room knew -- that the identity of Fleischer's replacement.
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"But we're getting close. I might too go ahead and declare it Yes, I'm getting married in November."

McClellan's fiancee is currently Jill Martinez, who works for the March of Dimes at Austin.

Throughout his 2 1/2 years from the White House, McClellan has represented Bush at a few important points in the government, confronting reporters following the space shuttle Columbia disintegrated over Texas in February and following Chinese fighter jets pushed a U.S. spy plane in 2001. The spy plane incident produced a memorably tense confrontation just his second time around the podium -- with colleagues questioning and contradicting his information whether a obviously uneasy McClellan offered terse responses with minimal information.
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Throughout Friday's gaggle, McClellan revealed much greater control, at one point holding a finger up to longtime reporter Helen Thomas so he can complete his reply to a different reporter.

As a famous commodity by the press, McClellan should not anticipate a very long honeymoon period, said Tony Fabrizio, a GOP pollster who worked together with McClellan on his mum's 1998 comptroller race.

"Ari, to a in the press, is sort of like Darth Vader. He did not provide all they desired," Fabrizio said. "However, for those that look at exactly what his occupation was out of a political perspective, I believe he did an outstanding job.


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Nov 20, 2017
Maybe you meant to ask for the ps5? The ps4 has been out for more than 4 years now and so far we haven't seen any game feature such a restriction so I doubt they'd start now.


Jun 27, 2008
I have heard rumors on here; people saying "the ps4 will have a used game restriction but it is up to developers"

Is this true if so give me your source.

I used to be loyal to Xbox but i don't like the restrictions
IMO the rumours are bull-shit
Jan 19, 2018
I have heard rumors on here; people saying "the ps4 will have a used game restriction but it is up to developers"

Is this true if so give me your source.

I used to be loyal to Xbox but i don't like the restrictions
There are no used game restrictions on either console for physical copies.