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Nov 14, 2007

Release date: 1/22/13
Price: $9.99

is a title that could easily slip passed the sights of many gamer's. You will not find huge explosions, or mind blowing graphics here. So what will you find you ask? Continue reading to see why I consider this, an Indie game you will not want to miss...

At first glance, escapeVektor does not look like much. You have an arrow and some lines. So what makes this game worth playing??
The object is to control your arrow around the maze. The lines all start off white, but as you move, the lines will turn a different color. You will need to color all the lines to complete the objective.
The more you play the harder the puzzles get. The mazes become larger, and you come across enemies and traps. If you touch the enemy, it is game over and you will need to restart. Some of the enemies will have a set path, and others can hunt you down. You will want to strategically paint all the lines before the CPU can get to you. Once you paint everything, an exit will appear where you will want to get to quickly, to finish the level.

As you progress, you will start to level up. Each stage, or "Nodes" as they are called in the game, gives you the ability to earn up to 4 stars. The stars are categorized as bronze, silver, gold, and platinum. These can be earned by completing objectives and earning enough points. Below are some of the rewards and abilities you will unlock.

- Detonation
By pressing the "circle" button, you will be able to set off a blast. Any enemies in this blast radius will die.

- Radius Upgrade
Leveling up will improve how large your detonation radius will be.

- Additional Pips
Pips are what allow you to set off detonations. You can earn upgrades which will allow you to carry more pips.

- Boost
By pressing and holding "X", you will be able to boost. Your boost meter will drain, but you can replenish it by painting the white lines. You can also earn upgrades which will increase the amount of boost you can have. Eventually you will unlock the "Super Boost".

- Boostenate
This allows you to boost right through the enemies, killing them on contact. Eventually you will be able to upgrade how long the boostenate lasts.

- Wild Cards
These wild cards will double your points for the level (Node) you are about to play.

There are 150 levels to complete, and some of these levels will certainly have you scratching your head. The hardest modes for me are called, "Eraser Mode". Continue below to learn about the modes featured.

- Normal Mode
This is exactly how it sounds. You will want to paint all the lines blue and get to the exit. You can pass over any of the blue lines without reverting them back to white.

- Timed Mode
In this mode you will be racing against the clock. Sometimes the obvious path is not always the fastest....

- Eraser Mode
In my opinion, this is the most difficult and rewarding mode. You will need to paint all the lines without touching the lines you have already painted. Doing so will revert the lines back to white. You will be needing to do this while dodging traps and enemies.

All of the levels feature an online leaderboard where you can compare high scores with your friends, or everyone else in the world.
I have found that the best way to get the highest scores is to use a Wild Card, do not Detonate any pips, and complete the puzzle as fast as possible.

I have to say this title was a pleasant surprise filled with hours upon hours of puzzles to complete. If you want a game that you can start and stop whenever you have some spare time, I highly suggest you pick up escapeVektor.

Overall = 8.0

- 150 puzzles
- Online leaderboard

- Not the prettiest game to look at

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Dec 30, 2007
Honestly, this sounds really cool. Looks like a game I would get addicted to for hours straight. If I get a Vita soon, I will keep this in the back of my mind.


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Nov 14, 2007
[QUOTE="Sir_Scud, post: 5991704]Honestly, this sounds really cool. Looks like a game I would get addicted to for hours straight. If I get a Vita soon, I will keep this in the back of my mind.[/QUOTE]

It really is surprisingly addicting!