Please help a stupid father with multiple PS4s


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Apr 8, 2020
Right, hopefully this is an easy fix?!?

Having been a big fan of the original FFVII I have purchased the remake. We have two PS4s in the house, mine and my son's. We have only one PSN account which he uses daily. There has never been a time that we are both playing (this is the first time that mine has been on for 2 years!)

I was under the impression that I could create another account under our profile (which I have done) and then still open the game. When I click on the game (I know I can't play it yet) it asks me to sign into the PSN account, which I do but that then kicks him out.

I've tried googling and I am at a loss. Please help!


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May 26, 2005
Hello Steven,

You need this:

1. Dad's Console, Son's Console.
2. Dad's Account, Son's Account. (You need two accounts)

• Log in with Dad's Account in both consoles but set Son's console as primary PS4. This way, your son will be able to open Dad's Games with his account.
• In Dad's console, only set dad's account. You will be able to play all games with your account (and only with this account)

That's about it. I do this at home with my son.