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Feb 17, 2008
Personal Review:
Assassin's Creed

The Game:
Assassin's Creed. Another multi-platform Ubisoft creation. From the team of the critically aclaimed Prince of Persia series, and following a similar them you could consider it the next gen brother of the Prince. Maybe even the king?

It's similarities include running around on walls and climbing them too, the fact you can't die, merely de-synchronise (i.e rewind time in POP2).


It's a two faced game. On the top level you are an ex-assassin now bartender in some future mega-city who has been kidnapped by an evil corporation due to their need to access your DNA memories. The memories of your ancestors written into your DNA.
The idea's behind this genetic memory are actually quite feasible and interesting.
- On the next level you are Altair (the memory) in a machine, living out your life as an important assassin, earning your rank and killing medieval n00bs.

As for the ending, you just wish it would keep going as it ends, just as it's about to get very interesting, unfortunately Ubisoft has succesfully sucked me into buying the sequel.

Graphics are next-gen. I played on PS3, not 360 and don't know the differences, but when climbing up tall buildings, there were no problems for me seeing the entire city sprawl away before me.
The little "futuristic" moments, flashes of code etc. get annoying and I would much rather a story based solely on being Altair.
Textures are fine, a few random clothe glitches have been overlooked but altair himself looks great, the civilians look fine, if a bit repetitive and on the whole, the game screams next-gen graphics.

Altair is cool, he moves quick and loves to run and climb on every building in the city. The three main cities are well created, all with their own feeling and style. The only thing I didn't like about scouring the rooftops was the amount of convinient little hiding bungalows, it got to the stage "what the hell are they there for if not to hide me". Other than that, just free-roaming is amazing fun, never mind the missions.

The game plays smooth and nicely, eases you into the difficult parts.

Unfortunately the missions before each assassination are repetitive and don't really seem to add anything to make the assassination any easier. Rather than complete the side missions I wanted to just kill the main person and get it over and done with (but my own self importance made me finish every side task of every assassination).

The fighting is difficult at first, but once you know the grab break and the counter attack you basically can't be touched. The men seem to wait each time you dispatch one of their allies to attack, making it easy to take on unlimited foes, and not forcing you to run.

The game is interesting, and worth finishing (both endings have left me unfulfilled.) It's fun to roam the streets, random assasinations are hilarious even if it does punish your synchronisation. Well worth checking out, and if you like buy it, the replay just running and killing is alot of fun.

Check it out.
This is just my opinion on Assassin's creed, feel free to post if you disagree.


!! Watch Your Step !!
Oct 26, 2007
Watching YOUR step !
i agree with just about everything in this review, i too was a little disappointed with the repetitive nature of the missions and the obvious hiding places but loved the feel and look of this game, i liked the modern day conection too, hopefully the sequel will improve on the few bad points and make the series a true classic.

very good review inToxic !


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Dec 10, 2007
The biggest most major flaw in AC is when you want to replay you have to listen to the whole f-ing story again for that section. And even after I beat the game I can't go back and do an earlier assassination with all my unlocked abilities...

I hate re-doing the stupid side things to be able to do the assassination.

Unless I'm missing something.?
Nov 6, 2005
I know this game is old...but i have been trying to finish the game before i get to GTA4...but I noticed something the other day...did anyone notice how all the cities within this game are pretty much a repeat in each city or are the same...ACRE and Jerusulem look Identical in certain areas...maybe it is just me...but I think they did this because of the 360 situation...either way that is my opinion...did anyone else notice this...