Professional Journalism Video - Gaming Industry Talk


PSU Live Streamer
Apr 6, 2006
Hello guys :)

As you all known me for a while I've been working in the industry for the last 2 (Almost 3 years now). I've decided to make a YouTube channel to keep everyone update due to the simple fact that I do not have a lot of time now to post here as I've used to over the years

I wanted to introduce you my first video which talks about my Journalism, E3 Stories, Naughty Dog Talk, Future, Technical Issues and everything that has occurred this year since the launch of PlayStation 4/Xbox One. I am also going to be doing Let's Plays for people to watch and have fun and interact with the community as much as possible :)

Whenever you get the time please have a peek at my channel and with that being said I hope you enjoy this first piece of content :)