PS Vita Final Fantasy Type-0 rumors ignite


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Nov 14, 2007
Following on from the excellent PS3 Vs PC Final Fantasy 14 graphics video that we have just shared with you, we now have some potentially exciting information for PS Vita owners. With just days to go until Sony’s E3 2013 press conference, we could finally see a Final Fantasy game on the PS Vita announced.
Ever since the PS Vita launched in Japan back in December of 2011, fans have been patiently waiting for Square-Enix to finally give the system some love with a Final Fantasy game. This problem has been potentially been solved with the HD remake of Final Fantasy X and X-2, but it isn’t the original game built from the ground up that fans crave for.
As we wait for Square-Enix to make these dreams come true, we have some interesting information to give you. The Japanese company has recently registered the Final Fantasy Agito trademark over in Japan. The Agito name should be ringing alarm bells straight away for Final Fantasy veterans, as it was the original name for the elusive PSP game that eventually became Final Fantasy Type-0.
We say elusive, as Final Fantasy Type-0 has yet to be given a release in the US or Europe and has remained a Japan game only. With the trademark registered though so close to E3, it is confirmation that Square-Enix are finally planning to bring out a Western version of the game on the PS Vita?
It would make a lot of fans very happy if they do, even if it isn’t the original Final Fantasy title on the PS Vita that we spoke about above. Let’s not forget that we are dealing with a game that received an amazing 39/40 review score from Japanese publication Famitsu, when it released on Sony’s first handheld.
The question is, do you still have a passion to play Type-0? Let’s hope that the PS Vita will be getting this amazing news at E3 in a few weeks time. Perhaps a HD remaster of Type-0 for the PS Vita, as seen with Final Fantasy X HD?
May 25, 2013
This would be welcomed news for vita owners. I've been holding onto mine for ages in hope of some quality support, even ps4 linking well with it.

It's such a wasted machine at the moment.


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Dec 2, 2005
I hope so, in hopefully we can get FF12-HD and FF7CC released digitally. Then the Vita will be a nice place to play most of the FF's. But probably not with SE, I still think the Vita should be getting Kingdom Hearts as well but nope they don't want to..


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Jan 17, 2011
Same, this would be sick. I'd take the PSP version lol, but a port to the Vita is music to my ears. Hope it's true


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Feb 4, 2006
[QUOTE="Fon, post: 6096223]Not sure if they will do it. This is, Square-Enix we're talking about.[/QUOTE]

Well, for all we know the management is shifting and they're done re-releasing the same games over and over, wanting to move on and make new entries in all their sagas. I can only see this as positive news :)


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Jul 6, 2006
If Type-0 is actually released for the Vita, it may persuade me towards finally buying one. As it is I hardly use my handhelds anymore, so there has to be enough big hitters for me before I drop the cash on a handheld anymore.