PS3 Motherboard Help..


New member
Jan 9, 2019
hi all,

ive just recently acquired a PS3 CECHC03 no HDD and YLOD, not sure which HDD model it is.

as stated its got the YLOD, ive been told it has had it repaired once before then its came back on not sure how long it lasted for. ive disassembled the unit down to the motherboard and found lack of thermal paste on GPU and CPU with air pockets that had formed. ive cleaned it all off the chips and the heatsink, I then inspected the motherboard to notice theres some bubbling around the 4 USB ports (on the front) and around the HDD area and im wanting to know if this would be salvageable for a proper repair? all around the GPU and CPU is fine no damage or burns or bubbling just around areas mentioned

all feedback/replies/help welcomed..