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Feb 18, 2009
[QUOTE="Mist, post: 0]It's a game I've been following since it was announced. So I've got a lot of faith in it. Didn't realise the demo was up. Will have to download that tonight when I get home.[/quote]
Don't expect to get WOW'd the gameplay started to become repetitive


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Jan 13, 2009
[QUOTE="darksora, post: 0]Here:

it's an old game (2 years old game) where you play as Chow Yun Fat. I never did buy the game but the demo was awesome. It should still be up on the PS Store in fact. It gets the whole gun toting gameplay down a lot better than Wet does and has destructible environments to add.[/quote]
oh ok i'll try it
[QUOTE="-Deadpool-, post: 0]Going to download this today and give it a go :D Lots of people are enjoying it, so its worth a look.[/quote]
yep it definately is.
[QUOTE="o0hzsleepy, post: 0]If you pre-order at gamestop, you get $10 off the game so its $50.[/quote]
you even get 5 soundtracks and 10$ off on :p
[QUOTE="HalfOfZero, post: 0]It's a game that doesn't take itself seriously. Very KillBill/Tarantino stylee. And I like that.

Over the top swordplay and blood splatter mixed with free running acrobatics and slow motion gun slinging... Wrap it up in a kick *** female that "swigs" alcohol for health, and I think we have a winner to the sound of some crazy Jap Rock pop? :p

I'll buy for the right price. Though I can't help but think it'd have been more successful if it was a Psn title. Like the biggest n best Psn game to date. It would be..[/quote]
yea dark humor and western style
[QUOTE="Suley, post: 0]I'm downloading it, I can't wait to give it a try.[/quote]
yep you'll like it! [btw nice to see ya Suley]
[QUOTE="neoxthexone, post: 0]Don't expect to get WOW'd the gameplay started to become repetitive[/quote]
uh, i liked it ;)


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Jul 29, 2007
I will have this in my possession in 2 hours. The demo was simply amazing. Definitely not your run of the mill 3PS. I can't wait.